About Me

M&T-37Ever since I was a little girl, fashion has always been a big part of my life. From watching my mom planning her elegant outfits every morning before work to dressing up my barbie dolls in -not so ordinary- clothing. This made the decision to change my original
childhood dream of becoming a chef or even an interior designer, very easy. Fashion was the one thing I kept coming back to. Whether it was my friends constant nagging to help them put an outfit together or my inherent shopping problem (really, not really), I knew fashion was the way to go. After getting into my dream fashion school at LISOF, I have grown and learned so much about the aspects of the fashion world that I absolutely love and the things I cannot stand.

All it took was one internship at my favorite place to shop: Cotton On, to make me realize exactly what it is that I aspire to be one day. The job title which I didn’t even know existed about a year ago, became the street name of the path I wish to follow for the rest of my working life. A Visual Merchandiser or VM for short, is the role of a person who can take clothing and present it in such a way which attracts customers to buy it. It also means that you set up stores, dressing the mannequins, creating window displays and other fun and creative things. This means that I can combine my childhood dream of being an interior designer as well as my love for fashion and turn it into a solid career.

I am opinionated, I am creative and now I am a blogger. Using the tools I learn at school, as well as my passion for fashion, I will be sharing my life through the use of words and imagery throughout my blog. In this verbal journey I will express my opinions and my love for all things fashion, as well as the little treasures in life.

-Megan Evans


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