Her Future is Brighter than your Highlighter



One thing I love about the student life, is that there are so many of us trying to give ourselves a name in the big, scary world and the passion that  drives us to do so. Students are like treasure troves of talent that is hidden from the professional world, just waiting to prove themselves. One hidden treasure that I have found is an up-and-coming makeup artist; she is hard working and very passionate about the art of makeup. Her name is Dani Spall, she is a fellow Lisofian, working her way towards a bright and shining career in the fashion and makeup industry. Although she grew up on a farm, the girly-girl side of her prevailed and put her fast on track towards her dream. She has recently started a blog to show all her lovely readers how to tackle what to wear to events and which events you should be going to and has kindly taken the time to help us get to know her a little bit better. I hope it inspires you, budding fashionista’s.

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ME: Reading your blog, you say that you are a farm girl at heart, so when did you realise that you wanted to break away from the farm life and pursue a career in both fashion and makeup?

DS: Well, I didn’t choose the farm life. The farm life chose me. I’ve always been a girly girl so from a young age I knew fashion was my calling and I have always been interested in makeup. I even had one of those giant doll heads that you put makeup on.

ME: If you weren’t studying fashion and makeup, what would you be doing and why?

DS: I would be traveling (if I could). I would love to travel and experience new things and gain knowledge from foreign places.


ME: The fashion industry is portrayed in a very fast-paced and highly pressurising manner, what do you consider to be the most challenging part about studying in this field? And what do you think will be the most challenging part about working in it too?

DS: For me it is the amount of people that are in fashion or are looking for a career in fashion. It is such a highly competitive industry that getting your name out there is difficult. I would say the most challenging part for me will be trying to get my name out there.

ME: As you are one year away from graduating, what do you plan on doing once you have your degree in fashion and makeup? And what does this mean for the future of your blog?

DS: I plan on starting out with the first job that comes my way. Only kidding! Makeup is my passion and I have recently learnt that catwalk makeup is something I really enjoy and want to do. So I think starting off with a good makeup brand would help me get my big toe in the door of this career but hey I am open to change! Who knows what might come my way! I think a blog is a good thing to have and starting it so young and while I’m still unknown may help my credibility in the future with regards to my background. I say this like I am going to be major, points for optimism?

ME: You have mentioned that your passion is all things makeup, what are the three makeup products that you cannot live without and why?

DS: For me its BB cream, gosh I love that stuff so much! Light and so easy to use, I use it every morning!  Mascara off course! And I have recently discovered the Bennefit roller lash mascara that is just wow! Incredible! Mascara is easy to put on every morning and takes me from a 2/10 to a 7/10. Thirdly highlighter. It could be because it’s all the rage right now but I truly do love highlighter! It has to be a good one that doesn’t sit funny or look funny on the skin though. The MAC mineralize skin finish highlighter is my favourite. It is just so gorgeous and the light reflects so beautifully off of it.

ME: What’s the one thing you absolutely love most about makeup and doing makeup?

DS: It is going to sound cliché. But I really loving transforming a face. It’s amazing what makeup can do. Besides from that I also really love to play around with new looks and different colours. Sometimes the looks work out and sometimes not so much, but it’s all part of the fun.

ME: How would you describe your signature makeup look? And what sets you apart from others wanting to pursue makeup?

DS: When I go out I often wear a gold eyeshadow. I use the pigment from mac and it really looks stunning and is a bold but pretty look. I’d say that is my signature makeup look. Makeup has been my passion for years. I am hard working, willing to learn and take any advice that is given to me. Although I do have my own ideas if someone that I look up to does have advice that counteracts my ideas I will take their advice. I feel this sets me apart as I am humble enough to willingly take criticism and learn from it to better myself rather than expect everyone to adore my ideas and get upset if they don’t.

ME: In our busy lifestyles, women need a one-trick-fix to turn their daytime makeup into something that they can hit the town in at night. What would you say is the quickest and easiest way to turn your work makeup into an evening look?

DS: Let’s say your day time makeup consists of base, mascara, and eyebrows. To quickly turn this look into a night look I would add some contouring and highlight, and take a medium to dark brown just above the eye crease and bring that sae colour down to underneath the eye (subtly and soft though- no harsh racoon lines under the eyes) if the colour used on the actual eye is dark then opt for a lighter colour under the eyes. Of course this will not magically turn your makeup into a celebrity makeup look but it will give your face definition and make your eyes stand out more.

ME: What advice would you give students who are about to start their journey towards a career in fashion and makeup?

DS: Work hard, don’t let the small things get you down. Take advice well and learn from it. Believe in yourself and your ideas but never think you are better than anyone or have ideas that will put the MAC senior artist to shame; be humble and love to learn.

To follow her fashion and makeup journey, go and read her blog: or to book her for events check out her makeup page on Facebook:

Myself and the lovely Miss Dani



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