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Daddy, Daddy Cool

With Fathers Day around the corner and my own father-dearests birthday slowly passing in the rear-view mirror, I have decided to dedicate this blog post to my dad.

To give you a little bit of background information, he is a self-employed handy man, a sea shell enthusiast and is completely technologically disadvantaged. He taught me how to catch a ball, climb a tree and how to laugh at the peculiar things in life. I can definitely say that I have learned a lot from my dad and that I have inherited many of his great qualities, but I never thought that I would be inheriting some of his style too.

After constant nagging from my mom and I, my dad had finally given in to a good closet clean out. As we sat in front of his closet one Saturday morning, he began to chuck out items of clothing that we deemed “old-fashioned”. To my surprise, and his of course, the more he threw out, the bigger my ‘rescue’ pile grew.  The vintage thrifter in me, was over the moon to add a few more unique pieces to my collection and to start putting artistic outfits together.

The best thing about second-hand clothing, is finding out the history behind it. As his memory serves, he bought this button-down shirt (obviously worn differently to how I’ve worn it in the photo) from Stutterfords, in the early 90’s. As a 90’s baby myself (although 7 years younger than the shirt itself) I had to appreciate the quirky patterns, almost like a piece of abstract art. The Jeans were designed and manufactured by Wrangler, which apparently was a very popular brand ‘back in the day’.  The greatest part about the back story to this pair of jeans, is that when remembering when he bought them, he relates it back to when him and my mom first started dating. So I guess 1989 was a year of true magic.

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