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Off to Jo-Breezey we go!


On a very windy yet pleasantly sunny winter’s morning, we all piled into a car and drove off to the City of Gold, Johannesburg. Although the name, City of Gold, refers to the abundance of mining industries in Joburg, what we found on our journey was a real rare treasure. The Neighbourgoods Market; a hipster’s haven in the middle of a busy city. A market that includes an underground maze of alternative foods stalls of all different ethnicities and some quirky nibbles, and a rooftop bar overlooking the beautiful city.


As you walk up the stairs, with a delectable tray of yummy goodies in your one hand and an artisanal drink in the other, you are greeted with the energetic sound of swing music from their resident DJ, Michael Lesar. To experience the eclectic sounds, mastered by the King of Swing himself, go to

 As the buzz of festivities danced all around me, I couldn’t help but observe and even approach others who seemed to be enthralled by the atmosphere and merriment of the market. Vibey, atmospheric, alternative and trendy, were all words used by other Neighbourgoods-goers, when asked which words would best describe the market. What comes to mind, for me personally, is the empowering word of Ubuntu, “Humanity towards others”. People from all walks of life came together to one of the most iconic suburbs in Johannesburg to celebrate the beauty of life.

The view from Neighbourhoods Rooftop. Taken by J. Hunkin
Of course, as a lover of all things fashion and fashion related, the street style was something that attracted my eye immediately. Although a very casual event, some participants went out of their way to express their diverse and eccentric way of dress. From casual oversized jackets to formal Dandyism, the city of Joburg was definitely ‘on fleek’.


What would a market be without vintage clothing and original craftsmanship? I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know a little bit more about a brand that I find truly innovative and completely inspiring, The Nutcase Study, by Bless Sibusiso Mlangeni. As beautifully handcrafted accessories, made from all upcycled bits-and-bobs, were sprawled out in front of me, I had to withstand constant temptation not to pick up one of his amazing statement necklace and ‘try it on’. Not only does he create original pieces of art, but they come with a thought-provoking philosophical approach behind them. The nuts used in each piece symbolise the ‘unlocking of the mind’ and the zippers portray the act of ‘free thinking’. Well I say, welcome to the age of fashion with a conscience. To find out more or to make one yours, catch Bless every Saturday at The Neighbourgoods Market JHB, Art of Main on Sundays or on his Instagram page @nutcase_acts

Well if you haven’t noticed by now (from my previous post, Daddy, Daddy Cool – if not, go and check it out) I love all things vintage, and vintage clothing is at the top of my list. So naturally I was drawn to rails of jersey knits, ripped denims and old tartan skirts, on sale at Asseblief. Run by Nicole and her brother, Asseblief is a second-hand clothing stall that thrifts clothes from all over the globe and brings them back to South Africa in order for people like me to get a glimpse of what real quality and old school trendy fashion looks like. With 20 years of thrifty experience under their belt (previously owed of course), no one can say that they know the industry better than this dynamic duo. For vintage fashion that cannot be found anywhere else, visit them on Facebook at: or catch them every Saturday at The Neighbourgoods Market JHB & Cape Town or even Deerhunter in Cape Town.


So maybe you’ve never been, or maybe you just haven’t been in a while, but hopefully I’ve inspired you to experience the festivities that is the Neighbourgoods Market for yourself.
When: every Saturday
Where: Bramfontein
Price: free entrance (but bring lots of cash for all the treats you are going to want to buy – treat yo’ self)

“It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.” – Ernie Harwell

So until the next adventure…
Thanks for reading.


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