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Happy Heritage Day

  Going through some first year work I found a small piece of creative writing I wrote in reference to diversity in cultures and how globalisation has diminished the vast range of fashion we get that is influenced by different cultures. I thought I would like to share it with you. "Fashion has become so… Continue reading Happy Heritage Day

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Sea La Vie

They say there is no peace for the wicked, well then I guess I’m safe. I was fortunate enough to visit the awe-inspiring Wilderness in the Western Cape over the first week of spring. Being the first holiday I’ve spent with my dearest family, in what feels like an eternity, I was super excited (or… Continue reading Sea La Vie

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Off to Jo-Breezey we go!

  On a very windy yet pleasantly sunny winter’s morning, we all piled into a car and drove off to the City of Gold, Johannesburg. Although the name, City of Gold, refers to the abundance of mining industries in Joburg, what we found on our journey was a real rare treasure. The Neighbourgoods Market; a… Continue reading Off to Jo-Breezey we go!